Special Discussion on World Science Day for Peace and Development

Guest Prof. Dr. Shahid Mahmood Baig, Chairman, Pakistan Science Foundation and Engr. Farid Bakhtiyar, Senior Research Officer, Pakistan Council for Science & Technology. Listen Here

First Industrial National Innovation Survey (FINIS) Launched in Pakistan (Read More.......)

Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST); an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Science and Technology mandated to advice the government on science, technology and innovation policy issues, has launched the First Industrial National Innovation Survey (FINIS) in the country.

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The goal to bring you this newsletter is to share with you the latest happenings in the field of science and technology at national level.

The newsletter provides details about the activities/events organized by PCST and various events where the Chairman PCST showed his eminent presence. Very interesting information for the interest of researchers, both from academia and industry, is included in the column Scientist's Voice for Society and Academia-Industry interaction. Please share (nominate) remarkable achievements for the column, Young Scientist's Voice. Besides, few interesting articles, the newsletter also features announcements for awards as well as for funding opportunities for the information of S&T community. The Quran's Voice encompasses bewildering information about the lessons that scientists have learnt today from the Quran. The contribution of past, eminent Muslim Scholar has also been included as a separate column to highlight contribution of Muslims in the field.

We look forward to your contributions, feedback, suggestions/comments etc for making STI Voice more informative and appealing.

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National R&D Statistics Survey, 2023 (Questionnaire)

37th International Khawarazmi Award (KIA) Call for Participation

Observance & Implementation of 2% Disbility Quota

Need Assessment of S&T Human Resources for Driving Innovation and Achieving Vision 2025 (N.A.H.R)......

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Science, Technology, Innovation,STI Voice, Volume 3, 2017 is now available for our readers. Click this link for further details and to download Newsletter.

Establishment of Pensioner's Cell at PCST

PCST has established Pensioner's Cell under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Aslam Tahir, CRO (PCST) for dealing with issues of pension. Click here for further details.

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