Protection against Harrasment of Women at Workplace

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that occurs in the workplace. The legal definition of sexual harassment is “Unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature that is severe or pervasive and affects working conditions or creates a hostile work environment.”

Protection against Harassment of Women at the workplace Act, 2010:
To protect women against such harassment at their workplace, Government of Pakistan has implemented “Protection against Harassment of Women at the workplace Act, 2010” in all organizations. Every organization has an internal committee to work in this regard and to undertake the following measures for implementation of this act:

  1. Adaptation of code of conduct prescribed by law.
  2. The committee will immediately address the complaints of sexual harassment as per law, as and when received.
  3. Ensuring the justice is done swiftly and retaliation against the complaints is curbed.
  4. Informing and educating the employees to make them more aware of the provisions of the act and to encourage a professional and dignified work environment for the women in public and private sectors.

Code of Conduct for the Employees:

  1. During the discharge of official duties in the office, all functionaries should behave in proper manner according to the official decorum.
  2. The language should be civilized and simple. Words and sentences having more than one meaning should be strictly avoided.
  3. The dress should be proper as per office norms. Casual dress should not be worn.
  4. Unnecessary stay and unnecessary visits to women’s workplace and near women washrooms are strictly prohibited.
  5. Staring is also a menace in our society and should be avoided.
  6. Duties after office hours and duties on holidays for women must be approved from the concerned Head of Wing.
  7. Any other action which tantamount to harassment of lady officials/officers of this ministry will be considered a serious offence and disciplinary action will be taken under the Government Servants (efficiency and Disciplinary) rules, 1973 against the offenders.
  8. All lady officers/officials are advised to lodge a complaint immediately to the administration wing in case of harassment from any male officer/official.

Committee at PCST:
In pursuance of Prime Ministers directive, conveyed by Cabinet Division, the three members committee of Pakistan Council for Science and Technology is as under:

  1. Dr Tariq Mehmood, PRO
  2. Dr. Saima Nasir, SRO
  3. Dr. Muhammad Bashir, DDA

For Complaints:

For the details on policy guidelines against sexual harassment, please visit However women can also contact committee members of PCST for any complaint and it will be taken up properly.